About Kaufman Law

Kaufman Law was founded in late 1999 by David Zachary Kaufman in order to provide aggressive legal services to individuals and businesses. We provide the same high quality litigation and business-related legal services as larger firms at more flexible rates, with more personal service, and with fewer conflicts of interest. Kaufman Law does not advertise; virtually all Kaufman Law’s clients come to us on referral from either satisfied clients or other attorneys.

We take an aggressive approach to resolving our clients’ legal concerns. This does not mean that litigation is the first option; to the contrary, litigation is the last option. But our clients always appreciate our understanding of how business decisions are made and our ability to frame these decisions in cost-effective terms. Second, any client consulting Kaufman Law can absolutely rely upon our complete discretion. Third, we have won favorable verdicts in the overwhelming majority of our cases, primarily because of Mr. Kaufman’s ability to draw information from hostile witnesses and his aggressive protection of our his clients.