About Karate Law

The need for Karate Law, the Martial Arts Law Center of Kaufman Law, first became apparent in May 2002. David Kaufman, founder of Kaufman Law, was visiting a tournament promoted by a friend of his, and mentioned that he was a lawyer. Within a few hours several athletes, school owners and promoters approached him and asked him for counsel and advice about some of the topics listed on the Martial Arts Law page of this site. Within a few weeks Kaufman Law had been consulted or retained by four martial arts schools, three martial arts promoters and several athletes to represent them in one legal matter or another. By August, 2002, it was clear that no other attorney or law firm in the United States had Mr. Kaufman’s unique background of martial arts experience and legal training. This background was exactly what the martial arts community needed. Because of Mr. Kaufman’s 40 years in the martial arts, we understand the legal issues and problems of the martial artist. We take an aggressive approach to resolving our clients’ legal concerns. This does not mean that litigation is the first option; to the contrary, litigation is the last option. However, we have won favorable verdicts because of Mr. Kaufman’s ability to explain martial arts problems in legal terms, his ability to draw information from hostile witnesses and his aggressive protection of our clients.